Who owns the copyright to the content created?

The winning entries - idea or video or storyboard - are given a cash reward in lieu of their IP rights and the Client then owns the copyright.

What percentage commission will go to creatives, and what percentage commission will go to HUMAN-Film? Will any money go back to the community?

Creatives are told upfront about the prize money, and they receive that in full. If there is more than one winner to be declared, each winner will know beforehand what prize money they will receive (e.g. First place $10,000, second place $5000). HUMAN-Film takes no commission from the filmmakers. We take a separate fee from our clients on every project and it varies depending on our involvement and the nature of output. A large portion of our fees are reinvested into building the community through conducting workshops, screenings, sessions and more.

If I win a client brief, will I ever get to submit again, and do I stand a chance to win a second time?

Of course! When entries are judged for a competition, the jury does not know who it's coming from. Your work speaks for you, and if the clients like it you can win multiple times.

Do I sign up to join the community as an individual, or is the portal open to production houses as well? Is it possible to have a studio or company submitted instead of an individual?

We are open to both individuals and production houses registering. However, if you do register as a production house, please leave an individual's point of contact. We encourage people to submit as individuals, because we want everyone to get a chance to spearhead a project, giving opportunities to people who normally crew a chance to step up and create, or work with new people, for instance. That said, if you are more comfortable working within your group, that's fine too, but do sign up using your name and state that you are representing a production house. If your crew members want to pitch alternative ideas to yours, they have to sign up individually as well.

I find that I often need collaborators when I'm working on a project. Does HUMAN-Film allow me to collaborate with other people from the community, or outside?

That is your choice, but we expect one person to register for the competition who we will coordinate and communicate with; and who will get the prize money if chosen. Please read the fine print before deciding on collaborations as many clients require confidentiality.

What clientele will we be working for?

Brands and companies across the spectrum - private and public sector.

What are your IP protection policies?

All clients sign a non-compete agreement and there is a legal transfer of IP. There is no way that we will permit clients to appropriate unselected and uncompensated ideas, and we have a media lawyer supporting our community on this as well. For those ideas which are selected and go into production, we get creatives to sign an assignment of rights agreement once the client has chosen their work.

Do you guys feature/ publicize top creatives?

Yes, of course! We feature talented community members regularly on our website and other social media channels, and also recognize our those who participate and perform in our community through our HF Creatives program.

I am a photographer and graphic artist, but only dabble in filmmaking. Am I allowed to join the community?

Yes. We encourage anyone with creative media skills in any capacity to join us, from amateurs to experimenters to professionals. We especially are on the lookout for people with a broad range of skills and expertise to bring them to the table, because we know that you will have an added dimension to the creative ideas that you pitch.

I'm not based in Dubai/Singapore. Will I get to work remotely? How do productions happen overseas?

Yes, you may work remotely. There are plenty of freelancers in our community who do so. You may like to use online video collaboration portals to aid in the communication process. If a particular location shoot is required, it is recommended that production happens in an appropriate setting on location or in a studio, or it could be animated as well. Nonetheless, as most clients have global or international offices, the latter should not be a prevailing issue. We will be happy to assist you if you have further queries – email us at human-film@homeofhuman.com!
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