Titan Watches Competition

Video Campaign Production

Prize Money: USD 11,000 / AED 40,000 + additional production grants

Deadline: Thursday, February 8, 2018, 20:00 GST

Titan is reaching out to you, to help them with their next campaign that would enable them to connect & enhance desirability of the brand with Arab consumers in the GCC region


TITAN Watches have been present in the GCC for many years, but has low awareness amongst the Arab consumer segment. The current challenge is that the GCC is a highly competitive watch market with many established brands available. Titan Watches wants to strongly position itself and break through the clutter and be a part of the consumers’ consideration set. They want to reach modern Arab consumers looking for a fashionable, premium brand. These are men and women between 25-40 years of age, fashion conscious, looking for value for money products, modern, and digitally savvy.


To develop a campaign that brings out TITAN’s brand positioning to life –
We are reaching out to all creatives to think of an original and creative campaign idea that brings the brand positioning to life (please read the details on the brand idea, below) – keeping in mind that it is aimed at the modern Arab consumer (Male & Female, Age 25-40 years old) and must communicate Titan Watches as a premium, fashionable watch brand.


This is a two-stage competition, where we require the following output

Stage 1

  1. Campaign Idea
  2. TVC Script with Storyboard

Stage 2

  1. Video Content
  2. Static Visuals for Digital & Print


  1. Overall Campaign Idea (text and/or visual presentation) that explains how you would bring to life the brand idea ‘It’s Time to Express Yourself’ across online & offline media. The idea should focus on expressing yourself with Titan and have a unique tagline.
  2. One (1) detailed storyboard with visuals, script and a tagline for a max 90 sec TVC/Video. Please also add your production capabilities and how you will execute the idea if you win, as appendix. Click here to see an example of a winning storyboard for a video competition.

We urge you to use this template when submitting your entries for Stage 1, to ensure you have covered the brief: Stage 1 Template


  1. One (1) produced video based on client-approved storyboard (maximum length 90 seconds)
  2. Five (5) Static/ Print images – for magazine, poster, metro, POS and digital use – to go along with the winning video as part of a campaign.

** One winner will be decided in Stage 1 itself based on their creativity, ability to transform the ‘It’s Time to Express Yourself’ brand idea and production capabilities.

The winner will then work with HUMAN-Film and TITAN Watches to produce the final video & static print content. All other contestants will not be eligible for Stage 2 of this competition.

The winner will receive USD 11,000 / AED 40,000 and additional production grants^!

^ The prize money to cover the cost of equipment, directing, shooting, animation, music, editing & processing and design of static images. 
Additional grants will be provided for location, casting, product feature, celebrity fees & management, travel, any other major expenses.



Titan Watches understands that for young Arabs today, it truly is ‘The Time to Express Yourself’!

Titan enables today’s young Arabs to have the confidence to empower themselves and speak out their desires and opinions; it supports them in their Freedom to Express themselves.


In the past decade, the Arab region has seen many societal, political and economic shifts which have led to many changes on an individual level too. As a society long-characterized by privacy and restricted behavior opens up, Arab men and women are increasingly exerting their freedom to socialize and express themselves.

Today’s modern Arab men and women are confident of themselves and their perspectives, and don’t hesitate to pay more attention to and assert their individual style and self-expression.

Why it works for Titan?

Through Titan’s wide range of stylish watches, every individual can find a watch that express their unique style.

From sporty, functional watches to delicate, Swarovski embedded time pieces – the range of Titan watches can help express all your facets!

How It Sets Titan apart

While most watch makers boast only about the watch itself – the technology it uses, luxurious materials, the functionality etc., Titan does that and more, by building an emotional bond with its audience.

Titan watches is focused on the Arab consumer, and their sense of self-expression. It’s not only about the product – it’s about the people that wear their product.

Preferred Brand style

Urban- chic, Youthful, Young, Fashionable, Modern and Contemporary.

Suggested Approach

We could partner with inspiring young Arab influencers from the region to create content for print ads, TVCs, social media, etc. The core message in any execution must be: It’s time to express yourself.


Titan Watches (http://www.titanworld.com/) is the 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world. They are the Makers of Edge – The slimmest watch in the universe. They are sold in 30+ countries. One Titan watch is being purchased every three seconds! With over 200 million customers, TITAN is retailed from over 7,000 points of sale worldwide.

  • TITAN watches are for both men and women between 25-40 years of age.
  • They offer watches for every occasion at great value
  • Watches range from 100$ to 300$
  • They offer a large variety of different styles
  • TITAN has been present in the GCC region for the last 20 years


They want to reach modern Arab consumers looking for a fashionable, premium brand. These are men and women between 25-40 years of age, fashion conscious, looking for value for money products, modern, and digitally savvy.

 Now Titan Watches is looking for YOUR IDEA on how to transform their brand idea into a fresh and exciting campaign!


  • If you are not a current community member of HUMAN-Film, please register here when showing interest in participation: http://web.human-film.com/film-professional-registration/
  • There will be 1 prize awarded to the winner of the 2-stage process. The winner will be chosen based on their idea and production capabilities; and receive a cash prize of AED 40,000/USD 11,000 + additional grants for producing the video.
  • The prize money will be paid as 50% on finalizing the idea & 50% post production of the final video. The additional grants will be paid on actuals, against the proposed cost post finalization of idea and script in 50% advance, 25% during & 25% post production of the final video.
  • Submission deadline FOR THE IDEA: 08 February, 2018, 8:00 PM GST (Thursday). There will be NO acceptance of submissions after the due date.
  • Submissions need to be emailed to human-film@homeofhuman.com. All submissions will be confirmed. If you have sent us your submission before the deadline and do not receive a confirmation of receipt within 1 working day, please email us.
  • All entries must be, at minimum, in the form of a thought-out idea and storyline for the final video. If you would like to go further, you can produce a storyboard, animatics or other creative content that can be converted easily into the video you intend to shoot. However, ideas will be judged on merit alone and not the format they are presented in.
  • The winner will be contacted via email on the email address they have provided upon registration to HUMAN-Film.
  • For any queries please email human-film@homeofhuman.com or +971 4 5673880
  • Review and accept terms and conditions & confirm your participation below.

Fine Print – Please read:


  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address, etc.).
  • Keep the source files / working files of your entry until the winners have been announced as they may be needed.
  • Your entry has to be your own work to be considered into the contest.
  • You must be able to provide the written authorizations from each of the authors and actors who have contributed to the entry.
  • Do not depict sexual, violent, religious, political content or any illicit content as per the rules.
  • Any entry that fails to comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.
  • The contest is a talent & skill based contest and winners are not chosen based on chance. Judges decisions will be final and cannot be contested.
  • Participants need to be aged 18+
  • All entries must be submitted as mentioned on the contest page
  • Late entries will be disqualified
  • Apart from submitting your entry in order to be viewed by HUMAN-Film and the client, each participant must keep his/her Submissions as confidential. Thus, such participants hereto shall undertake not to disclose, divulge or communicate, to whomsoever, either directly or indirectly, any or all of their Submissions in whole or in part. Participants may only disclose the Submissions ONLY to the people who are directly involved in the making of the Submissions and who are indispensable to the Submission process or to carry out the participation in the Contest by the participant.
  • At the end of the Contest Period, one (1) Selected Entry will be designated among all the Entries by a panel of employees of the Client (hereafter referred to as the “Jury”) with the technical and artistic skills to select the winner in accordance to the guidelines defined in these Rules.
  • Selected Participant will be notified by HUMAN no later than four (4) weeks after the end of Contest Period by email, to the email address provided during registration to HUMAN-Film.
  • Should a Selected Participant not reply to the aforementioned email in a timely manner, the Client & HUMAN shall be entitled to appoint another Selected Participant.
  • Winning Submissions will be selected by the Jury pursuant to the following criteria:
    • Quality of execution
    • Relevance to the brief
    • Originality
    • Production capabilities
    • Investment
  • The participants acknowledge that the purpose of the Contest is for the Client to evaluate the personal skills and abilities of the entrants. The Client, at its sole discretion, shall be entitled to extend the Contest Period, declare the Contest as void, or select fewer creators than originally defined, if not enough Entries respecting the criteria described in these Rules and enabling the Client to have enough Entries to select Selected Participants on a fair basis have been submitted at the end of the Contest Period.
  • In consideration for assigning the intellectual property rights, the winner designated by the Jury will receive the following prize:
    • There will be 1 prize awarded to the winner of the 2-stage process. The winner will be chosen based on their idea and production capabilities; and receive a cash prize of USD 11,000 / AED 40,000 + additional grants for producing the video.
    • The prize money will be paid as 50% in advance upon finalizing the storyboard & 50% post-delivery of the final video. The additional grants will be paid on actuals, against the proposed cost post finalization of idea and script in 50% advance before start of production, 25% during & 25% post production of the final video.
  • The Selected Participant must provide all the written authorizations that HUMAN and/or the Client may deem necessary in order for the Client to fully enjoy the rights attached to the submission.
  • Ownership and right to use the submission in any manner whatsoever will pass on to the Client on payment of the prize money.
  • Ideas generated from the HUMAN-Film community and not shortlisted and paid for by the client cannot be used without HUMAN Strategic Marketing Consultancy’s consent and the intellectual property rights in the entries remain with the participant. Given similar ideas can come from various sources to the client, the preceding line is not applicable unless it is the exact idea. Also, unless it is the exact same idea, neither of the parties can take any legal action.
  • Prizes will be issued by cheque or bank transfer.
  • The winners are responsible for the declaration of these payments to their tax authorities and for the payment of all taxes which may be due as a result of receiving these prizes.
  • The aforementioned amounts will be paid out by HUMAN acting on behalf of the Client and in its name.


  • Participants undertake not to upload Submission, of any kind or any nature:
    • which is an infringement of any third party’s intellectual property rights, an unfair competition/passing off;
    • which constitutes justification of crimes against humanity or war crimes, justification of other crimes, offences or fines, a denial of the existence of crimes against humanity or known acts of genocide; a violation of human dignity;
    • which encourages to commit fines, offences or crimes of any kind whatsoever;
    • which is violent or pornographic, or likely to violate a minor’s right;
    • which is a breach of public order or decency;
    • which is defamatory, libellous, or insulting of or to any individual or legal entity;
    • which is an invasion of privacy or which breaches privacy or any right of publicity;
    • which is racist, a denial or likely to damage anyone’s reputation, which provokes discrimination, hatred or violence vis-à-vis an individual or group of individuals on account of their origin, gender, family situation, physical appearance, family name, health, disability, genetic characteristics, morals, actual or assumed sexual tendencies, age, political opinions, union activities, actual or assumed adherence to an ethnic group, nation, race or religion;
    • which contains any virus, worm, Trojan horse or any computer file or program that is liable to interrupt, totally or partially destroy or restrict the functions of any computer or IT network
    • which otherwise breaches or is contrary to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Submissions that do not comply with the criteria defined in these Rules shall be deemed as void.
  • The Client and / or HUMAN may request that the creator of a Submission designated as winner makes modifications to the Submission should it become necessary for any use of the Submission provided under these Rules. However, only modifications to the Submission considered non-material and in line with participant’s moral rights under copyright may be requested. The Client and / or HUMAN reserve(s) the right to refrain from designating a winner, prize and/or making a payment until the requested modifications have been made. In the case of refusal by the Submission author, another winner may be designated.
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